The new YORK® YZ dual compressor design expands the capacity of the YORK® YZ to 2,020 tons.


YZ Awards and Recognition
YZ Chiller


The YORK® YZ Chiller, built upon decades of industry-leading expertise, challenges everything about conventional water-cooled chiller design. Our chiller engineers analyzed every function, challenged every assumption and questioned every component. Resulting in the industry’s first centrifugal chiller fully optimized for ultimate performance with a next generation low-GWP (global warming potential) refrigerant, delivering superior real-world performance, lower cost of ownership and a new definition of sustainability. It’s the first chiller built to exceed every expectation – today and tomorrow.

Optimized for Ultimate Performance

See what makes the YORK® YZ a revolutionary advancement in industrial chiller design.

  • Proprietary Chiller Design

    Discover the revolutionary advancements that make the YORK® YZ the first chiller built to exceed every expectation - today and tomorrow.

  • Pushing the Efficiency Frontier

    See how, even among our own world-class designs, the YORK® YZ sets the standard for real-world chiller efficiency.

  • Refrigerant Choice

    Learn why R-1233zd was the refrigerant selected for the YORK® YZ chiller.

  • Operating Map

    Find out how the YORK® YZ operates reliably while providing better efficiency at every condition.

  • Magnetic Bearings

    See how our innovative, friction-free driveline technology results in lower costs and superior reliability.

  • Induction Motor

    Hear how our hermetically sealed, high-speed induction motor delivers proven, robust performance.

  • Falling Film

    Learn how our patented design improves heat transfer and reduces refrigerant charge and shell size.

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Case Study: University of Texas at Austin (UTA)

As the perfect replacement for two existing chillers, the YORK® YZ earned an appropriate nickname: “Goldilocks.” See how the YORK® YZ helped create a new definition of sustainability:


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