Variable Speed Drive Chillers: Savings and Sustainability

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Boost energy savings while building a “green” reputation

Shrinking your carbon footprint while maintaining nominal building operation might seem like a lofty goal, but Variable Speed Drive (VSD) chillers make it possible.

This article, written for by Fred Barry of Johnson Controls, shares how VSD chillers can effectively reduce energy consumption in buildings. As most every building manager knows, heating and cooling can account for almost 40 percent of energy consumption in a building. VSD chillers help reduce that consumption through cooling load, or capacity:

“As their name indicates, VSDs slow the motor speed on the chiller at lower loads. Whenever a VSD can be slowed to match lower capacity requirements (and this may not always occur depending on the chiller operating profile), energy consumption can also be lowered–by as much as 15 percent…”

Barry then explains how a lower lift can further help energy savings, and why VSD chillers are well-equipped to handle off-design conditions.


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