YORK® Navy Systems

Serving the Global Navy HVAC/R Market

Navy HVAC/R Equipment
Over 90% of vessels in the U.S. Navy fleet, surface ships as well as submarines, utilize YORK® air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Additionally, YORK has equipment in service with over 19 of the world’s navies and has supplied air conditioning and refrigeration plants to over 1300 fighting ships including a majority of the NATO fleet.

YORK® Navy Systems applies its Shipboard air conditioning and refrigeration knowledge to Navy ships and specifications of all kinds:

Submarines Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers, Cruisers, Frigates, Auxiliaries, Amphibious

Warships, Supply Ships, Command Ships, Mine Hunters and Sweepers, Coast Guard Vessels, Dockside Units

YORK® naval equipment is designed and tested to meet the stringent requirements for survivability, efficiency and low noise signature demanded by modern warship technology. Furthermore, integrated logistic support (ILS) principles are applied to YORK® Navy products such that equipment reliability, supportability and maintainability are assured.
The Future
In the 21st century, YORK® Navy Systems is continually expanding our role to provide full HVAC/R systems for navy ships in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia to handle the needs of the world’s navies regardless of location or level of challenge.